1. Businesses

We support businesses with the continuous analytical and innovative approaches to facilitate their ability to effectively compete in the global markets. We work with small and medium scale enterprises, large enterprises, corporate companies, Individuals, NGOs and large multinationals organizations.

We focus on key elements of any organizations that allow our clients to cut-edge including client advisory services, investment analysis and proving proposals for better business alternatives aimed at harnessing both forward and backward linkages. Tasks like feasibility studies, business plans development, projects proposal writing, Industry studies, project appraisals, development plans, strategic plans and new products development are very core in our operations.

Furthermore, those businesses that need raising more capital, our network of experts will facilitate intervention of investors and help the negotiations and formation of partnerships between the clients and investors. Our specialized approached lie in the following sectors of expertise and operational/geographical scope;

Specialized areas/sectors of expertise

  • Agribusiness;
  • Financial Services;
  • Energy and extractive industry;
  • Consumer Goods;
  • Logistics and Distribution;
  • Education and Employment;
  • Industrial Goods;

Operational scope

Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh.

  1. Investors

The local knowledge of the available conditions in Africa markets is a key ingredient that we help the investors to exploit. Such clients as global private equity funders, impact investors, family offices, angel investors, foundations, and institutional investors are helped to realize their interests through our guidance by highly  locally based skilled team.

We provide three areas of investor support:

Fund strategy, structuring, and design: Based on investment objectives, we help design fund structures and strategies, develop financial products to target risk/reward criteria, prepare financial projections to evaluate potential financial and social returns, and draft offering memoranda.

Pre-investment: Many investors identify promising businesses that require support before an investment is possible. We conduct rigorous due diligence, market analysis, perform valuations, draft term sheets, and prepare forward-looking business & capital use strategies. This work sets clear milestones on which businesses and investors can agree and provides the risk mitigation investors require to move forward.

Post-investment: We provide monitoring and detailed support to help businesses accomplish and accelerate their performance. Our local presence and extensive knowledge of the opportunities and challenges in this market make us a strong partner to support your investments and your teams.

  1. Public Sector

At Data Capital International, we aim at making sure that government portfolios are directed equitably based on the available evidences on ground. As part of our work, we strengthen public sector teams, building skills to drive implementation.

Our most common areas of support for public sector entities include:

Strategic planning: We support governments to identify, evaluate, and define key strategic priorities. For specific projects or objectives, we conduct in-depth feasibility studies to evaluate and compare a range of scenarios and outline concrete implementation plans for our recommendations.

Capital mobilization: We work closely with public sector partners to develop opportunities to scale local industries, create bankable investment opportunities, and mobilize various forms of capital including municipal finance.

Public-private partnerships: We evaluate, structure, and negotiate public private partnership opportunities. For public sector bodies, we identify and assess potential public-private partnerships and evaluate projects to ensure appropriate incentives, sustainable design, and a successful close.

  1. Capacity Building and Training

Development trends require individuals, private company teams and NGOs to have their capacities built. At Data Capital International, we offer customized capacity building and training services to individuals, groups/associations, NGOs, and Government teams. We offer hands-on In-house training in various aspects of organization and personal development.

  1. Research Projects

Research is important for any innovation, planning and product development. Data Capital International helps clients to come up with viable options for gainful operations.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to design research options, conduct reconnaissance, develop research tools, collect data, analyze the data and write reports in agreed timelines.

The expert team at Data Capital International will manage your Monitoring and evaluation studies, Market systems assessment, Market surveys, feasibility studies, investment analysis,  baseline, mid-line  and end line surveys to inform decision.

  1. Business Finance

We offer a blend of training and physical presence in the organization to help set the financial strategies for our clients. This has often changed the financial position of our clients from moderate to best positions. Our clients include Microfinance institutions, individual companies or multinational organizations having presence in specific countries.

Our service under this package includes;

  • Training and capacity building of staff;
  • Financial auditing;
  • Business grant sourcing and proposal writing;
  • Credit institutional development;
  • Loan administration;
  • SACCOs development;
  • Micro leasing;
  • Training in business lending methodologies;
  • Loan product development & design;
  • Market information systems (MIS) development
  • Marketing plans development
  • Market research and analysis
  • Installation, training and support for use of accounting packages