This course will introduce you to the important aspects of running any business including the fundamentals of fund raising and financial management.  By the end of the course, you will be in position to understand the following;

Course Contents

  1. Business basics of enterprise development: (Entrepreneurship and Personal awareness, Self assessment and enterprise development, Why people start businesses, Behaviors of successful entrepreneurs/ businessmen, Business identification)
  2. Business Planning: (Understanding business planning and its role, Features of a Business Plan, Business Environment, forms of business and how to register your company, the elevator pitch).
  3. Business Enterprise Management: (Customer care, Communication skills, Markets and market analysis, Marketing plan, Production plan, Financial Plan, Staffing, Record Keeping, Business costing and its importance, Financial management in business enterprises, Business cash flows, Taxation and operation dues).
  4. Social and personal aspect of business: Self Confidence, Conflict management in business, Business ethics and social responsibility

 Objectives of the Course

  1. To stimulate new business starters especially fresh school graduates who have not yet secured meaningful jobs or employment.
  2. To increase awareness of entrepreneurship for business initiatives among the employed and the unemployed classes of people who are not aware that undertaking an innovation is a gold score.
  3. To increase appreciation of basic skills for entrepreneurship especially among those who may still doubt about the magic in starting your personal alternative source of income.To advise on business development through business checks and projection guidance to our participants.
  4. To increase profitability for the existing businesses through provision of important tips some businessmen and women skip out either intentionally or accidentally.
  5. To stimulate employment creation across all classes of people considering business as an alternative option to income generation.

Who should attend the entrepreneurship training;

University fresh Graduates, NGO & Government employees, those who have retired from active public service, the Unemployed, Senior six and four graduates who may wish to start businesses, those already doing business and would like to increase profitability, those willing to start any new business in any sector