Agribusiness Initiatives


A) Training Agricultural value Chain Actors in Appropriate Technologies

B) Linking  Agricultural  Actor to Credit and Markets

C) Value Chain Analysis and Agribusiness Market System Development



Course Outline:

Day 1

  1. Aquaponics Course Descriptor:
  2. Introductions, Greenhouse inspection and overview
  • Planning the Farm, Finance, Materials, Infrastructure.
  1. How does it work? Nitrogen cycle, pH, O2, Disease & Nutrients.
  2. Filtration. Types, choices
  3. Crop choice, Plants and fish. How to
  • Marketing (1) my product/business, variation to pricing and value adding, branding
  • Introduction to local/state legals

Day 2

  1. Design, Construct, Erect. Construction methods/choice
    Hydroponic components.  Aquaculture components
  2. Greenhouse considerations. Covered growing
  • Choices in Grow Media
  1. Wicking beds.
  2. Insect control, disease control in plants / fish
  3. Microbiology & water chemistry
  • Q & A session

Day 3

  1. Design discussions. Build plans, components.
  2. Farm case study.
  • Nutrient availability and distribution in regard to farm infrastructure design.
  1. Plumbing, Pumps, Solar, Backup, Legals (2)

Day 4

  1. Construct, assemble and erect. (2)
  2. Greenhouse technology, heating, cooling
  • FloMedia technology and its additions and variations
  1. Bio security
  2. Marketing (2) Internet, Sundry marketing, Farm gate sales +
  3. Final Q&A session.