1 Week Schedules

1 Day Schedules




Project Planning and Management


March       5-9

June          4-8

August     6-10

Nov           5-9

 Feb    10th

 May   12th

July     14th

Sept    8th


Monitoring and Evaluation of programs

April        9-13

June         11-15

October   8-12

March  17th

Nov       10th


STATA –Data Analysis Package

Feb          19-23

June        18-22

Sept         10-14

April    21st

July      29th

Nov      24th


QuickBooks- Computerized Accounting

March     26-30

August    27-31

October  22-26

May     26th

 Sept    22nd


Writing Fundable Project Proposals

April       23-27

July          23-27

Dec          10-14

March 31st

June     30th


6 Survey Methodology & Statistics

for Enumerators

March  24th

Dec       8th 

7 Quantitative data management &

analysis using NVIVO

May     26th

 Sept    22nd

8 Data analysis using R

March 31st

June     30th



  1. The training program is more practical than theoretical, delivered by field practitioners vast with extensive participatory experience.
  2. One day programs run during the week ends especially Saturday from 8:30-5:00pm
  3. One week programs run for five days from Monday to Friday in a specific Month.
  4. For each course participants receive reading materials and certificates of course completion after training.
  5. All the training will be conducted at Makerere University Pharmacy Building.
  6. One day course costs Ugshs. 100,000/= (One hundred thousand only) while 1 week course costs Ugshs. 250,000/= (Two hundred and fifty thousand only). This fee includes breakfast and lunch for participants.




Mbarara Kakyeka Stadium Agricultural and Trade show organised by DataCapital in Partnership with UBC TV- “Farmers Basket Program” 25th October to 1st November, 2017

Data Capital International in partnership with Uganda Broadcasting Corporation Television (UBC TV); “Farmers Basket Program” has organized an agricultural Show in Mbarara Kakyeka stadium to allow agricultural value chain actors  showcase their innovative practices to the population in western Uganda. This is a planned annual program that will allow different agricultural actors to showcase best agricultural practices for improved agricultural production, productivity and value addition in the region.

This show will bring agricultural innovations to actors in western Uganda who may have not gotten chance to attend the national agricultural show in Jinja. The show will take place at Mbarara Kakyeka Stadium from 25th October  to 1st November 2017.

While government organises a national agricultural show that usually takes place in Jinja (Eastern Uganda) annually, some agricultural actors in other regions do not get opportunity of participating. This agriculture show plan therefore creates showcasing opportunity for actors in other regions especially in Western and Northern regions of Uganda.

Image result for agriculture trade show pictures in africa


  • To facilitate showcasing of the best agribusiness practices in the agribusiness market system
  • To encourage youth participation in agribusiness as means of employment creation.
  • To foster qualitative and quantitative production of agricultural enterprises for improved livelihood sources of Ugandans  and foreign earning,
  • To link together agricultural value chain actors both within the country and outside the country
  • To provide an opportunity to value actors that missed the Eastern (Jinja) Agricultural show to participate in the western Agricultural show/expo
  • To provide value chain training of the 12 agricultural enterprises prioritized by national development plan II for increased production, productivity and value addition [i]



  1. Exhibition: Various agricultural actors shall showcase their best innovative agronomic practices for adoption;
  2. Training of Farmers: There shall be a parallel session of training farmers in best agronomic practices of the 6 enterprises prioritized by the national development plan II (NDPII).
  • Registration of export enterprise forum members to coordinate agricultural production, productivity and value addition in western Uganda. Progressive actors will be registered to form core forums to facilitate agricultural activities. Registered members shall be met regularly for advice and technology skills transfer.

 Guest of Honor:

His Excellency, The President of the Republic of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

Entrance Fee

  • Children: UGX 1,000 and Students
  • Adults: UGX 2,000


  • A platform to learn current technologies of production in the agricultural value chain.
  • A platform to network and meet new agricultural value chain actors
  • A potential market for your products.
  • Active participation by the private, civil society and government sectors.

 Key partners

  • Best Agro Technology & Innovations Stand
  • Most popular Education institutions (Schools, Polytechnics, Special Schools, Colleges and Universities, etc)
  • Most popular heavy machinery stand i.e CAMCO, ENGSOL, TECHNIK etc
  • Most popular financial services i.e Banks, SACCOs, Insurance, MFIs, NSSF, etc
  • Research Institutions (NARO, Universities, ILRI, etc)
  • Seed companies
  • Feeds companies
  • Agro -chemical companies
  • Government ministries /departments/programmes stand
  • Agro processors
  • Dairy equipments dealers


Services to Expect

Excellent publicity in local and regional news media, with special supplements

  • Provision of banners, posters and leaflets
  • Car stickers & gate passes for exhibitors
  • Telephone services at the show ground
  • First Aid services
  • Water and electricity installation
  • Private catering establishments available 24 hours
  • Free entry of tent, table and 2-3 chairs
  • Exhibitors cards and water

 Show Time

Official duration of the show is 9:00am – 6:00pm. More entertainment and evening parties extend beyond midnight.