Saturday 10th June 2017 from 8:30AM-5:00PM


Data Capital International announces one day training in Tally. Tally is a financial accounting software package. It is a complete business accounting and inventory management software that provides various facilities like government supported format, multilingual operations, online functions and processing for small and medium businesses. Tally powers at least 90% of businesses in Uganda.

Why Tally

Tally products are transforming businesses across industry in over 100 countries. Tally software is used so widely that it has become imperative for the graduates seeking jobs in the accounts department of any company to learn Tally mandatory. This training in tally provides necessary skills to participants to perform all kinds of accounting operations as required by the industry. Most of the companies prefer hiring people who have in-depth and expert knowledge of Tally software. Tally can also handle taxation aspects like Service Tax, Sales Tax, Vat and Excise. Tally can generate reports for taxation and returns which can be uploaded electronically. Tally software will allow you to prepare payroll each pay period, notifying you when tax payments are due and when quarterly reports need to be filed.

Training Content

  1. Develop skills in posting transactions to the accounting software
  2. Develop skills in conducting bank and account reconciliations using Tally
  3. Develop skills in preparing financial statements using the Tally
  4. Develop skills in preparing staff pay rolls using the software
  5. Track Inventory and create purchase orders.
  6. Develop Business plans using Tally
  7. How to keeps customers, vendors and employee contact information at your fingertips.

Where can one apply Tally accounting package

Banks, supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops, construction companies, Pharmacies, NGO accounts transactions, Hotels etc;

Who should attend the Training?

Entrepreneurs, Contractors, Retailers, Health Care Professionals, students in accounting and business administration courses, Practicing accountants and community workers from NGOs, and those who need jobs in supermarkets, coffee shops, modern restaurants, and pharmacies.


  • Training will take place at Makerere University;
  • Before one starts learning Tally software he/she should have basic understanding of knowledge of accounts and basic accounting terminologies;
  • Registration can be done at Makerere University Pharmacy Building skills room 5;
  • This money includes installation of the package soft ware, lunch, breakfast and;
  • Training certificate shall be offered on the same day;
  • Please come with your own laptop and an extension cable where possible;
  • This training will offer you with hands-on skills and present you with an opportunity to interact with a range of participants for networking and leveraging Job opportunities;
  • Training costs only Ugshs 150,000/=for each participant. Please pick your receipt after paying;
  • Deadline for registration is 9thJune 2017 at 4:00pm;

Call Robert: 0782 552979 or Justine:+256704279568 for guidance/send mail to or visit our website on