To be held at Makerere University in Pharmacy Building Main Lecture Theater (8:30-5:00pm)

Time schedule Item Responsible person
8: 30-9: 00 Registration and Networking Ms. Justine Nalunkuuma
9:00-9:30 Prayer,  Introductions and  Opening Remarks Mr. Kasigwa Tom
09:30-10:30 -Developing an effective research tool

-Managing FGDs, KIIs and Individual interviews

Mr. Tiishekwa Denis
10:30 -11:00 Break & Networking Ms.  Justine Nalunkuuma
11:00 -1:00


-Data editing, cleaning and coding questionnaires

-Developing a data entry template/Screen

-Data entry practice

Sebatta Chris

(PhD Scholar)


1:00 – 2:00 Networking Lunch Ms. Justine Nalunkuuma
2:00- 3:30 -Univeriate, Bivariate and Multivariate data analysis procedures

-Interpretation of analysis package outputs

Sebatta Chris

(PhD Scholar)

3:30- 4:30 -Fundamentals of research reports writing  Panel Discussion

-Ms  Justine Nalunkuuma

-Mr. Tiishekwa Denis

-Mr. Sebatta Christopher

-Mr. Bangizi Robert (Panelist)

4:30 -5:00 Closing and Issuance of Certificates Mr. Kasigwa Tom

End of the Training